Chronic Complications
Tropical splenomegaly - This syndrome occurs in malaria endemic regions. WHO criteria for the diagnosis are :-
Major criteria : (a) Gross splenomegaly, (b) Immunity to malaria, (c) Serum IgM elevation > 2 SD i.e.1000 IU/ml. (d) Clinical & immunological response to antimalarial drugs

Minor criteria : (a) Hepatic sinusoidal lymphocytosis & Kupffer cell hyperplasia. (b) Cellular and humoral immune response to antigenic challenge. (c) Normal phytohaemagglutination,
(d) Hypersplenism, (e) Lymphoid proliferation, (f) Occurrence in the family.

Quartan Malarial Nephropathy : This entity is seen with P.malariae infection following immune complex injury to glomeruli resulting in nephrotic syndrome. Prognosis is guarded.

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